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Floating plastic patched just north of Hawaii double the size of Texas!! is here to protect the oceans while serving the coastal communities!

We facilitate the removal of plastics out of the ocean and in real time convert and neutralize the  micro plastics! Can you imagine multiple generations cooperating together to repair our oceans!!!! It is starting more and more! Thanks for making it real!!!! 

The first support systems several miles off the Northshore facilitate harvesting the plastics before they hit Oahu and we operate self made buoys from sea minerals locally. Next, sensors are able to detect dangerous contents like nuclear Fukashima debris heading to the island for robotic collection and remediation.

Preserving our coasts forever with safe sea remediation.

Starting with safe buoys and next the world! 

Our goal is working with local schools to educate and demonstrate how to take safely take the bad plastics that cannot currently be recycled and create safe useful buoy like research stations. Safely created sensor buoys that will protect the oceans. Further collaborations with many groups organizations and people are facilitated as we collectively address this mess until it  is completely cleaned up and we have converted to solutions such as hemp based plastics.

Born here and ready to serve!

If you like this please sharing on your socials. If you have a financial contribution too we will gladly dedicate a plaque to you in the name of your choosing in our town hall dedication!

Thanks for your support!

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Dedicated Makerspace in the area closest to the pollution gyres! Educating schools in the process of safe remediation of ocean plastics starting at home!
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