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Ahh... The noble Cobbler! Given the gnarly state of YouTube revenue these days, your 1$ is worth 1,000 views. Pretty crazy, so thank you!
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Well damn. 5$ is a Netflix sub! And a hell of a compliment :)

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I am unworthy!

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  • All previously mentioned bonuses
  • Message response priority (let me know if there's a game you want me to check out or a question you'd like me to answer in a Vlog!)




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About Cobrak

My name's Tom (or Cob if you prefer!) and we're about creating Destruction Warlock montages, guides and commentaries! Open to other classes and specs in the future :)

Videos on the channel will be a load of:
  • PvP montages
  • Guides
  • Q&A stuff
  • Other WoW-related bits... perhaps even related to retail again in future!
So hey, that's me :) Hope you come along for the ride, and have a great day.
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5-7 Videos per Week.

With this goal, we're embracing the hardcore-casual gamer mindset. S**t's getting serious. Let's grab the bull by the horns and destroy some impossible challenges together!
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