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About Coco the Louder

Mental health resources should be free and accessible. 
Everyone deserves to have great tools for dealing with stress and emotions.

Coco the Louder is a mental health advocate and education innovator... and one of the biggest hearts on the internet. She has a doctorate in clinical psychology and is pushing the boundaries of outreach work. Bridging her passion with technology, Coco utilizes live streams to make mental health education interactive, accessible, and fun. Everyone deserves the opportunity to learn about how to care for their emotional wellbeing. Everyone deserves access to mental health resources, info, and to get support. Coco's uplifting wellness streams have reached over 228,000 views on live broadcasts.

What does Coco the Louder do?

Coco the Louder's work revolves around empowering, educating, and supporting people's mental health and advocating for people with mental health diagnoses. 

Her work includes:
  • Providing free mental health resources and PDF's
  • Writing practical articles about mental health topics, like emotions, relationships, and coping
  • Broadcasting live mental health streams where she presents on popular mental health concerns 
  • Advocates for mental health and wellness by answering hundreds of mental health and psychology-related questions on stream, in emails, and in direct messages
  • Educating people about effective and healthy mental health strategies
  • Creating mental health infographics, designs, and visual guides
  • Maintaining constant uplifting and empowering mental health and wellness reminders on Twitter and Instagram
  • Collaborates with other mental health and fitness content creators to integrate areas of expertise for more integrative wellness
  • Supports other content creators focused on wellness and positive social change
  • Publishes articles from guest authors to amplify and celebrate their knowledge

Coco's advocacy work focuses on providing mental health strategies and tools that make sense, even if you've never sat through a single minute of a psych class. Her work focuses on practical approaches to self-care and wellness, whether you are functioning at your near best or struggling to function at all. Most of all, she makes sure no one is left alone or unhelped by forming a bridge between "does mental health treatment even work?" and the first steps to set up an initial therapy session.

Your support makes a difference

There are a ton of ways you can support Coco's mental health advocacy efforts, many of which don't cost you any money, like hanging out during her live streams or sharing a free mental health PDF with a friend who needs it.

Patreon is just one way of supporting me. With Patreon, you can choose what level of support you'd like to provide each month, stopping whenever you'd like. If a monthly donation isn't your style, you're welcome to make a one-time donation here:  PayPal.Me/CocotheLouder

All Patreon and individual donations support the following:
  • Commissioned articles means we pay great mental health, wellness, and advocacy writers for their articles so we can support and learn from a diverse array of voices and minds
  • Business internet services to ensure the best quality live streams with no buffering and minimal latency
  • Website services, including hosting and Squarespace services for Coco's website with tons of free mental health PDF resources, articles, guest articles, and recommended resources 
  • Video and graphics software for the creation of free mental health infographics and the creation of future mental health information videos for Youtube
  • Live stream upgrades for improved camera, audio equipment, and on-stream graphics
  • Mental health books and articles to help Coco continue to bring you the most current, helpful, scientifically-supported information on wellness and psychology

Whether you quietly appreciate our mental health education and outreach work or you're able to financially contribute, your support means the world to Coco, to our community, and to everyone who benefits from our live streams, articles, and content. 

Love is a verb.

So thank you for whatever it is that you do to help the hearts and minds of people around you. No matter how big or how small...
you're making a difference.
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We will do an entire live stream dedicated to topics, questions, and interests picked by my Patreon supporters. You name it, we will cover it on this stream to celebrate and thank you for your amazing support!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
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