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My eternal gratitude for your support.  And access to patron only posts about about the trials and tribulations of modding.
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About Codasylph

Hi Internet, I'm Codasylph creator of Demesne and a few other minor mods. I have been creating mods for Minecraft off and on for the last few years.

Right now I'm supposed to be telling you why you should give me money. If you like my mods your financial support would help allow me the spare time to keep making and improving them, not to mention being major encouragement to do so. (Technically your financial support would do that even if you don't like my mods, but in that case, why are you giving it?  I'm confused.)

That's pretty much it, if you like my mods and want a more concrete way of supporting their creation than a simple "Hey! good going!" on the forums, this is it. I like praise, too though.  ;)
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Just having one supporter would be super amazing, and I would be gleeful.
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