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About Code Faq

I am making video tutorials for anyone... i plan to make series, and talk about specific topics and workflows... however the main purpose of this channel is getting a one on one problem solving videos... ex: you send me what problem you are facing on your code and i try to replicate and point you directions to get it solved. simple as that.. so why not have a try? you might learn something knew.

Currently i accept question on any of these topics:

PHP, Javascript, Front-end, Back-end, Server, Linux, Mac, Web Development, Node.js, SASS, LESS, Webpack, Gulp, Composer, nginx, Apache, Docker, Typescript, MySql, MongoDB, Vue.js, Angular, WebGL, and any Javascript Lib you can think of...

if there is anything else that is not in this list, don't be afraid of posting it ...i will research and try to find out a solution anyways... 
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I need 100 subscribe on YouTube so I can put a name on the channel (currently it's not possible because it's a requirement on YouTube)
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