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        About CoderJourney

        Hey it's me, Keith,

        You being here really means a lot to me. I make programming and DevOps related tutorials (found on my YouTube channel and my website). These tutorials take quite a bit of effort to create, but it's really rewarding to see others take the skills they've learned and run with them.

        Why support CoderJourney? Any support I receive through Patreon will allow me to justify putting more time and effort into the content that I create and be able to recruit the help of others (like animators & designers) to help explain topics when the code doesn't cut it. Programming is such a valuable skill that I think everyone should learn it at some point in their lives and I want to be able to create the best content possible to help them do so.

        How can you support CoderJourney? There are a few different patronage levels that you can choose from if you'd like. There are different rewards for each level, but even at $1, you'll gain access to more than you would via YouTube. If you really find the content I create valuable, and you'd like to support at a higher tier then you'll be doing a lot to improve the content down the road and help my family.

        I would greatly appreciate your financial support. It's probably pretty obvious, but thank you for even taking the time to look at this page. Patreon allows for a reward structure to get you to support creators like me, but in the end, there's no reward could give you that would express my gratitude.

        - Pledges are per video - You can cap your monthly amount and will never be charged for things like YouTube channel updates.
        - I aim to release 1 video per week.
        - Thank you so much for stopping by, every little bit is appreciated!
        $3.40 of $50 per month
        Start live streaming the creation of side projects & course/tutorial material. Before I can do this I'm going to need to make some computer upgrades.
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        By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
        By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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