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Monthly Vlogs where I detail how all my videos from that month came to be, from inspiration to upload, while most likely expanding on the stuff I talked about. You'll also get access to the terrible, terrible notes I take and abandoned scripts, should there be any. (+ Everything from before)
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About Ryan Seals

Just who are you and what do you think you're doing?

I'm Ryan Seals, and I'm the okay dude behind Codex Entry, a YouTube series where I analyze games, make mini-documentaries on designers, examine the industry in question, while occasionally get entirely too emotional.

In each episode, I aim to provide any insight I think you may find worthwhile, be that who's behind the games we play, or what we can learn from a nearly 15 year old action game, or even why one of your favorite games is better than you think, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. I have approximately 5 trillion things I want to do, but thanks to grocery stores stubbornly and selfishly refusing to give me their goods for free, I need some help to pull them off - That's where you come in.

Okay, neat, but what's in it for me?

Depending on the reward level, you could get anything ranging from updates and previews to having my brilliant artist Jade draw a chibi version of you (like so) which I will then include during the credits of my videos where you will also be mentioned. However, no matter what reward level you pick, you will be entitled to my undying love and the world's biggest hug should we ever meet in person.

Awesome, but why you need money?


Is there anythi-

Okay, wait, I should probably add more to that last question, shouldn't I? Well, in addition to allowing me to buy the things I need to not die, the extra money will also allow me to cover the basic costs of the show thus far (Games, books, editing software, etc.). In addition, it will allow me to buy the equipment like cameras and lighting that I need to achieve my vision of what I want the channel to ultimately look like. Most of all, if we can reach my final goal, it will allow me to turn off those god awful YouTube ads and you'll never have to see an actor pretending to be a Twitch streamer to sell you a mediocre mobile game on my channel ever again.

Is there anything else I should know?

I tend to drop 2-3 videos in the Codex Entry series a month, however there may come times where I take on a project so big that I'm only able to release one video that month. My video on Yoko Taro is a good example of one such project. Should this happen, I will be sure to give plenty of warning in advance so you don't feel left out of the loop. This is increasingly unlikely given that I've gotten better at putting out more side content such as the Journal Updates, but it's not outside the realm of possibility and you deserve to know that.

I'm always experimenting and trying new things and there will undoubtably be times that I do stuff that probably won't be to your taste, both artistically and personally. On occasion, what I do won't even be directly related to games, but I won't avoid doing something I'm passionate about just to stick to a formula. That's not me, never has been, never will. I will always strive to make the best content I can and will always strive to make you happy with it, but that's all I can do: Strive for it.

Any additional disclosures I make with always be mentioned either in the video itself or as a pinned comment to make sure they're as visible as possible.

Last Question: Persona 3 or Persona 4?

Why would you make me choose between my two flawless children like this? Have I wronged you in some way? 

I mean, you're the one actually asking the questions here, so

$183 of $400 per month
I can start seriously investing into the channel, including things like games, cameras, mics, lights, costumes, and a beautiful manservant to feed me grapes. All the essentials to required to making truly quality YouTube videos. I'll also start a Podcast.
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