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You will get access to a private Discord channel where I hang out with patrons! 
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You will get access to a private Discord channel where I hang out with patrons. Also, once per month I will write an Interlude story based on a request from one patron of that level!




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I am Omicron, and I write fiction on the Internet.

I am the author of original Quests (a form of serialized interactive fiction) on the Sufficient Velocity forums, as well as the serialized novel Should the Sun not Rise, and have further projects for novel writing to pursue in the future. Although I also write derivative works, this Patreon aims at supporting my original work, which I can actually monetize but for which it is more difficult to draw an audience. 
I dedicate much of my time to creative writing. I consider this a hobby rather than a line of work I am pursuing, but in the future, and with your help, this might change! With your patronage, I would be able to dedicate more of my time and effort to writing, and quality as well as output would improve. As of this Patreon's launch, I intend to update each of my Quests at least once a month, while Should the Sun will continue on its weekly schedule. With your support, I may be able to sustain more active works. 

Thank you for your following and your help.

Active Works:

Should the Sun not Rise is an original novel set in a urban fantasy setting. Malinalli, an old monster of Aztec origins, tries to live her life in modern Providence. She is brutally forced out of her solitary existence when a serial killer begins to emulate Aztec human sacrifices. 

Snowflake is an interactive Quest following the adventures of Lily Chambord, young mage, in her search for the lost secrets of True Sorcery in a fictional US town. Takes place in the same setting as Should the Sun. 

Bunraku is an interactive Quest following the adventures of Tomoe, Imperial Princess, a disgraced samurai in a setting inspired by Japanese fiction - in her giant puppet-armor, she must face dangerous spirits in a world wounded by the Fall of Heaven.

$58 of $100 per month
At this level, I will be able to update each of my active original Quests twice a month at least. Every month, I will hold a dedicated Discord session in which I discuss the stories so far with my patrons, field questions and discuss future plans. 
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