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About Cody & Wyatt

Hello, everyone :)

It's Cody and Wyatt, co-creators and hosts of the YouTube channel Gaypop!

We created this page so our friends and fans can directly help support us as we produce new video content. It has subsequently become our FAVORITE place to connect with our viewers. We hope you join the community to receive access to behind-the-scenes posts, enjoy early access to certain videos, vote in monthly polls, and directly request new reactions and parodies!

Thank you for supporting us. Seriously. Creating things is exciting and scary and often extremely challenging financially. We can't do it without your help.

BTW, We *love* getting mail! If you want to send us something, please use the address below!

Cody & Wyatt
5555 W 6th Street
Apt. Q4
Lawrence KS 66049
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When we reach 100 patrons, we will make a short film just for YOU, our lovely subscribers!! All members will get to vote on what the film will be about as well as give feedback on its creation. When it's finished, you can vote and decide if and when it should premiere on the Gaypop YouTube channel!  And, of course, we'll thank each and every one of you in the ending credits! Please choose well! <3 We can't wait to make something fun for you :)
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