is creating Video tutorials on software, games, and development.
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People that want to ensure that incentive will exist to continue creating this content. As you might know, content creators often face burnout when their personal lives go through more demanding periods. 

Supporters help to ensure that content might maintain a higher priority during those times, so the content will continue. 

If you do not find that the content created here is worth this amount, then that's fine. I'm usually creating this stuff on the merits of creative joy. However, if you're of the opinion that this type of content should be prioritized, this is how you can affect that.

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This early on, it's tough to tell how many people will support, but thoughts that I have for this tier are access to outtakes (yes, I have a LOT of those). 

I'm not going to fuss with securing said content, nor will I fuss if that gets distributed. I'd prefer to be supported on the merits of my publicly available work. If you don't think my content is worth $10 a month, don't change your mind due to these benefits.



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Media creation geared toward learning software, creating content, gaming, and a history of podcasting.