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About Kelly Turnbull

Hello! My name is Kelly Turnbull but the internet calls me Coelasquid (sometimes. When they're not calling me Kelly Turnbull) I am the writer and artist behind the webcomic Manly Guys Doing Manly Things and my new soon-to-launch project, Platinum Black, which is slated to be up and running in May.

When not in the webcomic mines, I make a living as a full time animator with projects for  Comedy CentralMTVSonyFox, and others under my belt. I love what I do and I'm proud of everything I've accomplished in my professional career, but the life of an animator is typically one of late nights and frequent crunch time which means there isn't typically a whole lot of time left for other creative endavours. But I love making comics and sharing them with people, no matter how stressful and demanding my professional life gets I've always managed to make sure my comic gets some kind of new content once a week. The world of professional animation is one of design by committee, and webcomics gives me a creative outlet that I have complete control over. Plus in a tumultuous art-related industry, webcomics are my unemployment insurance so I have a plan B if other work becomes scarce.

Okay that's great but where do we come in?

Platinum Black is a story I have been wanting to tell for years. It's going to be a long-running narrative, much more serious in tone than MGDMT (though not without a sense of humour), and without the same kind of pop culture satire Manly Guys readers are used to. It's a modern fantasy story with elements of horror and science fiction, following the journey of a regenerating day labourer and a timid prize fighter through a world of talking monsters, organ thieves, and ghosts. It's a very sincere project for me, and I want to make it the most polished, professional product I possibly can.

Unfortunately I just don't have the hours in the day to create Platinum Black to the standard I've set for it on my own AND continue making MGDMT simultaneously, but I am so honoured and humbled by how well received MGDMT has been and how much it means to the people who continue to read it after all these years that I don't just want to leave it dead in the water. So to strike a compromise, I've decided to hire a colourist for Platinum Black, the amazingly talented Emily Smith.

I'm paying for Platinum Black out of pocket, and largely relying on MGDMT ad revenue to make it happen. Handing off the colouring to someone else means I can produce pages exponentially faster than I would if I was doing it all on my own and using MGDMT ad revenue to support it means I have incentive to keep both comics updating on schedule. The only downside is that it really is going to cost me a substantial amount to produce this comic. MGDMT income has always been my emergency savings fund/unemployment insurance, so committing it to an ongoing expense like this is going out on a limb a little for me. But I'm excited to finally have this comic in motion and I'm glad that in making it I'm also able to support another amazing artist in the process, so it's a risk I'm willing to take.

So wait do I have to pay to read this new comic or...?

Oh no! Not at all!  MGDMT will always be completely free for anyone to read and as soon as Platinum Black joins the roster it will be too. I make comics for the love of sharing stories and entertaining people and any money I can make on top of that is just a much appreciated bonus. This is just an elective tip jar I'm putting out there for anyone who might want help me make this story a reality, and I cannot even begin to express how incredibly grateful I am to anyone who feels like chipping in to the cause. If not, no worries at all, I appreciate everyone who supports my comics just by enjoying them and spreading them along to other readers who might enjoy them as well.
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