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Hey Everyone! I'm setting this Patreon up to give you guys a chance to give back! I've been asked multiple times if I have a PO box or some way for you to give me gifts, so here it is! I will be putting the money to very good use, whether it buying new and better filming & editing equipment, or better lighting, every single dollar is greatly appreciated!
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Youre awesome! You receive my eternal gratitude! ;D
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Yaaas! Thanks boo! You'll get my eternal gratitude and a personal thank you message on any social media site of your choice! :)
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Yaaaaaaasss! YOU are amazing! You'll get every reward up to this one AND I'll follow you on any social media platform!
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I've been using the microphone inside the camera, it SUCKS! I need a new one and you can help me get a better one :)
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