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Just showing me support. $1 is more than enough, if enough takers are out there. Thanks.
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Just showing me a bit more support. Hey, I shouldn't be any more than old '90s magazine in price. Thanks.




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About Don't Fund Me

Hello and howdy!

Due to certain circumstances in my life, I've chosen, at the moment, to just focus on creating YouTube videos, and also upload these to Twitch as a backup.

Thank you very much if you all can contribute.

I'm in need of certain resources to get the ball rolling, and keep it rolling properly.

After a certain amount, I will also fund other creators on Patreon.

Thank you. Also, please ignore the trailer video. It's all I could find at the moment.
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I need a meager $2600 to just pay power, taxes, gasoline, water, bills, etc. That's just to eek by after paying rent.
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