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Hello everyone, how's it going?
My name is CJ and I am the host of "Coffee Talk with CJ" podcast.
I started this podcast as a hobby. A hobby which takes quite a while to produce an episode - recording, editing, polishing and publishing. Anyone who does that, even if he/she enjoys it immensely it DOES take time. My podcast is for free and everyone can listen and enjoy it.
Even though you are reading all this and most probably agree at this point, I am thankful to EVERYONE who joins in and listens to my podcast, I am immensely thankful for you because all this I do FOR YOU. If you want to show me even stronger version of support feel free to join my Patreon. Don't feel obligated to do so, but IF YOU DO...every little helps and I say a huge Thank You for your patrionage ;)

Yours truly :
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