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Hello! My name is Jared and i am the creator of COGINC! For 6 years i have created Gaming videos for some of your favorite games including Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Assassin's Creed, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Fortnite, God of War, and more! I write, direct, edit all on my own. With a lot of determination, and encouragement from fans like you i have felt motivated to follow my passion and continue to do what i love. Your support has kept me going all of these years and without you, COGINC would not be as much of a success as it is today. 


COGINC is growing every day and i have some amazing ideas in mind for projects! However, to make these videos requires a lot of energy and being a YouTuber and even a Streamer can be very physically and mentally exhausting. Also, making money off of YouTube advertisements is hard as well and YouTube has made it more difficult for smaller channels like myself to break out and gain a lot of exposure due to the newly implemented YouTube algorithm, Adpocalypse and recent censorship of channels which limits ads on videos and even makes it so any new videos don't show up on the recommended section of YouTube for promotion.


Thank you for asking! Here's a list to give you a general idea. 

  • Pre-production for the Next COGINC Gaming Project
  • Monthly Rental Space for equipment, mics, computers, software, etc.
  • Maintaining COGINC's Website
  • Creating New Merchandise
  • Creating more Vlogs and Updates
  • Creating more YouTube Videos
  • Creating more YouTube/Twitch Streams
  • Graphics Designer/Artists


By becoming a COGINC Patreon! I have lots of awesome packages below that offer you many different ways to help me out! Plus, you get a lot of awesome perks and benefits too! It's fun and easy, and you can cancel your subscription at anytime.
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Help us reach our goal to help us create more Gaming Content and Fan Animations on your favorite games and anime shows on a frequent basis! No more waiting weeks or months between productions! This will put COGINC in FULL MOTION towards completing Gaming coverage on the latest most popular games, News Research for upcoming Video games including Downloadable Content, Fan Animations and Livestreams!
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