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About Shane Wegner

Thank you very much for joining me on this journey, as we continue to disrupt the status quo, and build out exceptional portfolios in the crypto space.

Inside the confines of this community, you can expect to get access to my notes, videos, tracking spreadsheets, tools, and anything else I use.

Yup, everything wrapped up and cloned, to hand directly to you.

An ever growing list of valuable ICO's, Altcoins, and Cryptocurrency Tools.

Plus a little extra special treat to keep you in the know!

I already spend countless hours, every day and night, researching reputable ICO's and altcoins.

So I said to my self, "Self, why don't you come up with a way to share this knowledge and value with others in the space so they can follow along?"

And here we are... But please note, I'm NOT a Licensed Financial Advisor in any way. Nor should my personal opinions or findings be considered financial advice.

I'm simply a guy on the internet, who loves cryptocurrency and the awesome things it brings to the world.

But since I'm already doing the due diligence, and have a winning track record of portfolio building, why not share it with you right?

Just please understand, your participation here is not for financial advice, rather a copy and paste blueprint to follow along with if you so chose to. :)

It is my personal guarantee, that I will strive to deliver an unbelievable amount of value for each and every one of you in here!

Together on this journey, we'll make sense of this crazy crypto space, as we all watch our portfolio's grow and increase our overall wealth together.

I will continue to do the day to day research it takes to vet the companies behind these ICO's, as well as the coins in trading, in order to create a winning list that continues to grow.

I appreciate each and every one of you and look forward to speaking on the inside!
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