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is creating a multimedia f'Empire: Rebel Ragdoll
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About Colby R. Rice

My entire dream as a novelist, director, entrepreneur and living creative is to finish building my independent, multimedia f'empire from the ground up. In that spirit...

Welcome to Rebel Ragdoll

Rebel Ragdoll is my contribution back to the world that has forged me. It is where I, in the form of FIVE other creative, f'empreneurial enterprises, push forward the mission of empowering women to create.


More About Rebel Ragdoll

The mother of all things Badass and our umbrella brand!

Rebel Ragdoll, LLC is an independent, female-identified, multimedia production and publishing brand dedicated to increasing the presence and impact of female creatives in the creative industries, genres, and mediums in which they are underrepresented.

In essence, we are an indie creative f'empire comprised of FIVE different creative houses:
  • Rebel Ragdoll Press (publishing),
  • Rebel Ragdoll Productions (film & TV),
  • ChickRogue Studios (games, software, and animation),
  • The Bohemian Badass (creative education & training), and,
  • The Dollhouse Foundation (philanthropy & community-building).


More about Rebel Ragdoll Press

Our publishing outlet!

We are an independent female-identified publishing house dedicated to increasing the presence of female creatives in the fiction genres and mediums where we are underrepresented.

Our genres of interest include sci-fi, fantasy, action-adventure, true crime, noir, and thriller. Our mediums of interest include novels, comics (web & print), manga, and graphic novels.

We support female, female-identified, and transgendered authors AND / OR works with these representations. Currently, RRPress' two flagship brand authors are Colby R. Rice & Vanessa M. Bain (in progress), but far in the future we hope to have more!


More about Rebel Ragdoll Productions

Our film and TV production outlet!

We are an independent, female-identified, multimedia production house dedicated to increasing the presence and prominence of female creatives in front of and behind the camera.

We produce films, TV, web series, and film shorts in the genres of sci-fi, fantasy, horror, thriller, action-adventure, true crime, and noire that is written by women or that feature women as central figures.

We also use all-female crews to shoot, produce, edit, and market the films.

Rebel Ragdoll Productions is OPEN and we are currently in development on our first full feature horror film, SANDMAN. 

Principal photography will begin in summer of 2018!


More About ChickRogue Studios

Our 3D game / game console development and animation outlet!

We are an independent, female-identified, game development and animation studio dedicated to increasing the presence and prominence of female creatives in game design, console design, animation, and software development.

We produce educational software, apps, mobile games, freeware, animation, 3D games, and game consoles.

We specialize in the genres of sci-fi, fantasy, survival horror, action-adventure, stealth-thriller, true crime, and noir(e) that is written and/or designed by women. We use all-female crews to design and ship our games and products.
ChickRogue Studios will open in January 2020!


More About The Bohemian Badass

Our creative education and training outlet!

The Bohemian Badass is a community of indie female creators dedicated to one cause:

We offer creative courses, mentorship, and train you to become the scribing, filmmaking, and gaming badass you’re meant to be.

(And mostly for free!)

To help our members, we (will) offer:

  1. The Bohemian Badass School for Creatives: where you can take craft courses in writing, screenwriting, filmmaking, game writing / game design, marketing, branding, and creative entrepreneurship
  2. The B-Badass Podcast: our eargasmic, info-packed, free podcast for writing, filmmaking, game writing and design, and creative entrepreneurship, geared towards helping women to make a living with their creativity
  3. Books for Bohos: several non-fiction DIY book series to help our community create and make a living with their work, in their own innovative ways, from the bottom up
  4. The Bohemian Badass Blog: where you can get epic articles, tutorials, workbooks, editable downloads, and much more to help you along on your creative journey
  5. The Co-Creator's Commune: where creators from all walks of life and disciplines gather together to network, support, critique, rally, and work together on badass creative projects.
  6. The Beatnik Boutique: coming soon, our Beatnik Boutique will be the place to get some of our sweet digs and badass merch so you can let the whole world know just how creatively badass you are!


More about The Dollhouse Foundation

The Dollhouse Foundation is the charitable and philanthropic arm of Rebel Ragdoll, LLC!

Our mission is to provide educational, social, financial, and emotional support and resources to single mother artists who wish to build creative businesses and make a living with their art!

We (will) provide scholarships, grants, and fellowships as well as online creative courses, coaching, and support in the fields of creative writing, screenwriting, filmmaking, and game design.

We will also provide travel stipends, professional development support, and home-life services like child care assistance, free apartment cleaning vouchers, and much more!

Grant and scholarship programs I'm working on for The Dollhouse Foundation:

  1. The "Single Mom Creative" Scholarship
  2. The "Villa" Scholarships
  3. The "Single Lady Creative" Scholarships
  4. The "Creative Project" Scholarship
  5. The Collaborative Arts Festival

Check out all the creative projects happening at Rebel Ragdoll!



Sponsored by: Rebel Ragdoll Press
Release date: Out Now!

Dystopian, urban fantasy, survival horror, and epc (urban) fantasy novelist.

Two series are currently underway: The Books of Ezekiel (epic urban fantasy + dystopian) and The Hitmen of Happily Ever After (urban fantasy + crime noir + fairy tale retelling).



Sponsored by: Rebel Ragdoll Press
Release date: January 2020

Contemporary romance, paranormal romance, SFF/H romance, SFF/H erotica novelist. Author brand in development and series to be announced!


Sponsored by:
Rebel Ragdoll Press
Release date: Out and ongoing now!

The Transcendent Trilogies Project is community-centered, micro-literary movement that creates, professionally publishes, and advocates for kick-ass sci-fi, fantasy, and horror trilogies that are diverse and inclusive across culture, race, sexuality, able-bodiedness, gender, religion, and more. Just kick ass trilogies, all day, every day.

Our first "Transcendent Trilogie" project, THE FORGOTTEN TRILOGY, is currently in development!



Sponsored by: Rebel Ragdoll Press
Release date: Active Now!

Every week, I jump onto the internets to update the universe on my journey towards sci-fi scrivener infamy. Writing, worldbuilding, marketing, branding, the whole shebang. Though, of course, grad school, being a mom, directing films, and me trying to build a media f’empire miiiight just get in the way, lol.

Strap in for an uncharted course through Colby’s universe, and see what being a Black chick sci-fi writer looks like, from my perspective!


Sponsored by: Rebel Ragdoll Press
Release date: Active Now!

Join us at New Adult Noir(e), where we hook ravenous readers into THE darkest, grittiest, heart-pounding-est sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and romance to ever exist. All hearts of darkness welcome!


Produced by: Rebel Ragdoll Productions
Release date: Currently in development

SANDMAN is the first movie by Rebel Ragdoll Productions and is currently in development!

Genre: Psychological Horror, Paranormal Horror

Log Line:
As the life she once knew comes crashing down around her, a woman struggling with insomnia and a dark past finds herself suddenly locked in a deadly game of cat and mouse with a fabled creature that is not nearly as benevolent as legend has told.

is a fast-paced, chair-gripping psychological and paranormal horror film that deals with issues of isolation, abuse, domestic violence, post-traumatic stress disorder, and trauma. It is a full-length feature film and is the debut project of Rebel Ragdoll Productions, LLC.


Sponsored by: The Bohemian Badass
Release date: Active Now!

Hey there, Badasses! Welcome to the B-Badass Podcast, where we’re taking a wild journey into creating our own indie novels, scripts, films, and games with reckless, badass abandon!

I created the B-Badass Podcast to help women create, inspire, lead, and make a living with their art across all different kinds of media. It’s my mission to help you launch your creative f’empire and build the creative life you want to live, whether you’re a novelist, screenwriter, filmmaker, game designer, all of the above, or more!

So let’s get BADASS.

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