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 There are no small contributions: you coolies spin the economy: thank you! Coolies will have access to ALL scenarios of Cold War 2 and uchronic mode 
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 Welcome and thank you comrade! Your contribution is warm to my heart! You have access to all scenarios and uchronic mode (yes, like the coolie, but with class pride) 
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 The real fight is on the ground! The guerrilleros, in addition to the previous benefits, have more slots to save their games
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About tguyon

Hi, I am tguyon and since 2014, I develop Cold War, the historical strategy game of the Cold War.

Thanks to its loyal community, the game has evolved and continues to improve steadily. The game is completely free, on the browser and can be played without creating an account.

In Cold War, you take over the destiny of the US or the USSR and fights for the worldwide domination of your ideology.
It is a cold war of politics, intriques and twisted moves, where any slippage can lead to the end of the world in a nuclear apocalypse.
Today, I develop a new version of the game, Cold War 2, much richer, and with even more depth.

I hope you will enjoy this game !

$28 of $500 per month
At 500$ per month, i speed up english translation.
I want all of you to benefits from the best and latest version of the game.
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