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is creating music videos: covers & original songs

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Hey there, welcome to my Patreon page!

I'm very excited to be joining such an amazing community and using the wonderful Patreon platform to share with you my music, videos, and more! We all know that creating quality content takes lots of time, skill, effort, and love. Your continued help and support will help me continue to make videos, and make them even better and more often!

You can check out more of my youtube videos here:

If you are able, please consider becoming a Patron by contributing even just $1 per video that I release. I am planning to release approx. 1 video per month, but you can always add a maximum to your contribution amount so that you never pay more than you want to. Your support will make such a huge difference and mean so much to me. 

I completely understand if you're not able to contribute anything, which is why my videos will always be available on YouTube to watch completely free of charge. I appreciate every single view, comment, and share that my videos receive. It's truly so magical to be able to connect with all of you through music. 

Thank you so much for all the support and love.
xo Colleen
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