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About Colleen Tighe

Hi there! My name is Colleen Tighe, I'm an illustrator and cartoonist living in Brooklyn, NY. I do freelance illustration and run my own store where I sell t shirts, pins, and zines I've self published.

At a comics show once, a man told me my work was "brutal but sensitive" which is probably the best descriptor of my work I've ever heard. I've been drawn to comics in recent years, and have found real enjoyment finding how I can push writing, storytelling, and art together. Writing has always been a back burner passion of mine, and the fact I've been able to start incorporating it into what I do has been really wonderful. I'm an avid reader of almost everything, but I've been especially drawn to history, theory, and poetry recently. If you become a patron, beyond my visual works, expect longer writings on art, process, politics and theory as well!

I would love to start dedicating more time to longer term comics projects and writing, including projects that would require time intensive research. I would love to continue to push the boundaries of my illustration as well and go back to experimenting more with irl materials- paint and paper obviously, but thread, fabric, yarn, wood, and metal. I give away most of my work for free, and I work a full time job. Your support would help me continue to create and hopefully reduce the amount of hours I have to work at my day job. You will also help me with the up-front costs of self publishing and production for my zines, shirts and other merch. Any and all support is wildly appreciated. People connecting to my work is the most incredible thing I've ever experienced, and I appreciate anyone who supports me, monetarily or otherwise <3
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This is a huge stretch goal! This would mean I could reduce hours at work and save money to hopefully go full time freelance. 
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