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About Colorado Microsanctuary Network

A microsanctuary brings the concept of a sanctuary down to a grassroots level. Instead of being an unattainable dream, the idea of running a sanctuary can now be a realistic plan for many activists. Microsanctuaries often involve caring for a few small individuals (such as chickens). This gives these individuals a safe home without requiring much more of a change in the caretaker's daily life than adopting another small animal, like a cat.

The Colorado Microsanctuary Network is a regional network of microsanctuaries caring for chickens and other traditionally exploited nonhumans. We provide resources and mentorship to help individuals and families start rescuing animals using whatever they have now. We envision a thriving network of microsanctuaries so widespread that every human has a chance to build relationships with traditionally exploited animals and that rescued animals' stories become a way for the animals to advocates for themselves. We believe this has the potential to change the face of the movement for nonhuman animals' rights, as outlined in our mission statement: 

Colorado Microsanctuary Network mission: 
  • Rescue animals: Promote high-quality care standards by skilled anti-speciesist caregivers.
  • Expand the microsanctuary network: Educate people about animal care and microsanctuaries and to empower them to create their own.
  • Change human culture: Create a network of microsanctuaries that enable animals to be “advocates for themselves” by providing them homes where the stories of their past can be honored and shared.

THANK YOU to our incredible supporters, who allow us to work toward the fulfillment of this mission. Funds are used to conduct outreach, build our network through mentorship programs, purchase materials for infrastucture, and pay for the care of the animals we foster while looking for permanent homes. Please consider joining us with a recurring monthly donation and help build a better world for nonhuman animals.
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