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You magnificent stallion! Ad-block as much as you like and take a strong sense of moral smugness with my blessing.

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About Colonel Failure

Failure is an option?

Hello friend. My chosen nom-de-guerre is Colonel Failure and like many who have come before I am engaged in the field of recording videos of my gameplaying antics which, subsequently, are uploaded to the internet in the hope of rendering entertainment.

As much as this name has a tedious backstory it is particularly apt since the aforementioned videos are in equal part inspiring and calamitous. Delivered with muttered commentary, self deprecation and no small amount of resignation to things going wrong I'll lead you through my adventures in a manner sure to have you quietly despairing (in a good way) at whatever portal through which you choose to watch my progress.

But then, you knew this already, otherwise you wouldn't be here.

Bad Company

Patrons of Colonel Failure are part of Bad Company. This will give you more opportunity to give your feedback, get involved in new series, be cast as a character, chat about games or otherwise be a part of the video work of the Colonel. Bad Company members with the rank of Sergeant or higher will also receive extra videos each month with extra behind the scenes information, new games and other special features.

As Bad Company grows, so will the rewards.

Do you always talk so much?

That is the point. If your proclivity is towards uncouth young folk alternately screeching and cursing at graphically exploding body parts before assaulting your ear drums with some form of random tuneless nonsense I may not be quite to your taste. For one, The Colonel Keeps It Clean. One need not display their extensive knowledge of Anglo Saxon linguistic derivations to have a good time; on the odd occasion when surprise strikes and expletives fall from my mouth I employ bleeping. Bleeping is funny.

I also enjoy having a vocabulary.

So, what do you play?

I build. Transport networks, medieval towns, futuristic factories, ancient monuments, modern cities, business empires in more or less any game that gives me the freedom to conquer strange new lands with haphazard, hair-brained constructions.

Occasionally I may reveal something useful or inspire you to replicate my projects more effectively, and providing you enjoy the results my work is done. 

What's in it for me?

Well I'm not going to pretend that my continued video escapades hinge on your throwing a few doubloons my way, as that's pretty much a certainty whether you chip in or not. However I have a few tantilising opportunities for you in different pledge buckets, some of which may be more tempting than others. 

Even if none of them appeal, I will be jolly grateful and see any coinage you fling into my optimistically upturned hat as an endorsement for More Of This Kind Of Thing.

Right, where's my wallet?

That's the spirit!


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