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is creating картины акварелью, маркерами, гуашью, я научу рисовать и вас!
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About Colorfull Artist

My name is Alina! I draw pictures for the fun of people for several years. I dream of becoming an artist and drawing open airs, and illustrating fairy tales and making a whole mountain of merch.
All this requires a lot of time, and it is impossible to combine creativity and work in the harsh realities of Russia, and I need your help!
What for?
Now I have to freelance to realize my dream and get a decent future. This greatly reduces the level of my creativity and increases the level of anxiety, because knocking out an order can be very difficult, and you never know if you are doing everything right.
Your direct support will help me to relax and do what I like. Caution! There is a high risk that my face and my pictures will flicker much more often in your tape!
How many?
Even the smallest donation makes a huge difference. After all, it shows me that my work is interesting to people!
How it works?
It's simple: you subscribe to my patreon, choose the amount and buns you want to receive from me, and I regularly fulfill my obligations. You can unsubscribe at any time if I dislike you, for example!

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