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Hi, I am Ben :)
(Benjamin Arthur Stoeck) 

Ben Stoeck is an American musician, folk singer & songwriter from central Minnesota. Since 2009 he has been singing, playing guitar, and performing in musical ensembles on a number of stages. After brief choral studies at the University of Minnesota Morris, Over the past few years, he has played in a variety of bands across the United States including Red Letter Band, The Center Street Gospel Choir, Forever Young Experience & Mistress Melodies & The Groove Gang. His sound ranges from gospel to bluegrass, or gypsy jazz to classic 12-bar blues and soul R&B. Ben graduated from Alexandria Technical and Community College with an Associate of Applied Sciences (A.A.S.) in the spring of 2017. Since then he has spent time in retail signage as a production finisher and interned at a professional agency as a graphic designer. He currently works as an in-house design for a tree nursery on the pacific northwest coast of California. Ben's work extends also to many other mediums including, photography, videography and animation.  

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