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HI! Thank you for checking out my Patreon Page.

I am a stand up comedian working local and through out the Midwest and i'm pursuing a career in comedy.  I am also the creator of Gutty's Comedy Club, a dream of mine to offer clean comedy and a platform for other comedians such as myself that have a passion for stand up and sketch comedy but lack a safe clean family friendly environment to perfect their craft. I also helped produce a hilarious sketch comedy group called the B.S. comedy show created by another close friend and fellow comedian Brent Stackhouse. I have a passion for comedy and the creative arts. I believe that comedy has always been a passion and something I knew was just a part of me.

Unfortunately, during my pursuit back in 2002 I was diagnosed with a skin disorder called vitiligo, which was a hard thing to face at the time. I was hit with a dilemma, quit comedy for good or just keep going...I chose to quit. It was devastating, I still wanted to do comedy but had a really hard time looking past the issue. My closest friends and family knew that it was killing me the longer I was away from the very thing that brings me joy every time I do it.  I have been fortunate enough to have so many amazing people in my life whom I have blessed with my comedy that genuinely believed in me. They couldn't stand back and watch as I allowed my passion to die. They reached out to me via social media and visits and pushed me to do more and not let anything stop me from being myself. I took every word to heart and have decided to create this page so that my closest fans can watch my journey and support me as I go for it.

I felt this platform would be the best way to give you an insight on my progress from open mics, writing, video chats, as well as raise awareness and encourage other talented artist who struggle to pursue their goals because of a physical ailment that is holding them back. 

My goal and I believe every comedians goal, is to have my set polished and ready to be performed in all of the major premiere comedy clubs, festivals and television spots. This will position myself to be able to network with agencies and eventually have comedy special(s) on Netflix beginning with my first special entitled Innocent Ignorance. This platform will help me position myself to pay it forward and help my fellow comedians and artist make it as well.

My dream is to see Gutty's Comedy Club come to life and be a place to help others such as myself use their gifts and talent in comedy to bless others. That would be everything to me, and with your help I can do this.

I thank you again for taking the time to read this and for all your love and support. I just desire to be able to be me a funny stand up comedian.

"Everything you need to accomplish your goals is already in you.
You just need to just take a step"

Comedian Steve Rivera
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