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Hola! Thank you so much for making your way to our Patreon page. We have some really big plans and we are asking you to be a part of it all.  We're also big on preserving the planet, and have recycled our crowdfunding video for Patreon use!  Read on!

What is Comedy Abroad?
Comedy Abroad marries comedy, travel, and responsible tourism.  In February & March, we’re sending pro stand-up comics to Mexico, Costa Rica, & Nicaragua to:

a) Raise funds for 6 local nonprofits with live English stand-up comedy shows for travelers & expats in popular tourist destinations. These 501c3's collectively enhance education, healthcare and social conditions for kids. Our first 2 tours have raised over $18,315 USD for 4 nonprofits in Central America;

b) Film their experiences & create funny video content to capture & promote everything they do, see, eat, drink, try, and fail at;

c) Create videos showcasing the work & impact of each partner nonprofit.   

Why Support Us?

Two key reasons why your support's needed:

A) Tourism has the potential to address global challenges, and comedians want to keep playing a role.  Our tours have demonstrated that travellers & expats will come check out the shared experience that is live stand-up comedy.  Ticket proceeds from shows get plowed back into the programming for important NGOs who help their communities.   Challenge is that it costs money to fly comedians down, house and feed them, and NGOs aren't in the events promotions game, and can't commit to costs

B) We want this to become sustainable, as well as change the way travel videos are done.  We feel we have something unique to offer the travel & tourism industry, but video equipment and the talented people who know how to operate it and edit footage come at a price.  Hopefully, we'll make you laugh, and inspire you to visit the places we visit. 

Our tour spans 5 weeks and sees us visit 3 countries.  It took a LOT of planning. We want to do more of these, and keep raising funds for nonprofits & producing videos, and your support would be super-appreciated. 

$0 of $2,500 per month
We ran a crowdfunding campaign in December.  Our goal was a LOT larger than what we raised.  The project's tight right now, but an extra $2500 would go a long way to cover all travel & video production costs associated with our tour.  Would love your support to help us get there!
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