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About Comic Book Herald

Hello and thanks for checking out ways to support Comic Book Herald!

My name's Dave, and Comic Book Herald is a labor of love designed to help new, lapsed, and curious comic book readers explore and enjoy the wonderful world of comics. I've been developing reading orders, chronology guides, and detailed comics recommendations since late 2011. Comics can be confusing and intimidating; I try to help.

As Comic Book Herald has grown from an unknown hobby to a thriving community (over 200,000 readers a month!), the challenges and costs of building everything I want, and having more direct interaction with all reader questions have increased. Despite my interest, balancing a full-time job, family, and Comic Book Herald leaves limited time for all the attention Comic Book Herald deserves.

SO, I wanted to launch a Patreon for the channel to 1) ask for your help to keep Comic Book Herald running & improving and 2) create a priority channel for fans to get first stab at questions, requests for reading orders, and any Pateron specific tools and guides I'll be creating.

The Comic Book Herald community has been exceedingly generous and positive since I've launched the site. I love running CBH, and probably couldn't stop if I tried. If you're able, hopefully you'll view this Patreon as a chance to help support a unique means of growing comic book passions across the globe.
$308 of $450 per month
Launch the Mega-Run Reading Club, where we binge 1 great series per month, like Alan Moore's Swamp Thing, Grant Morrison's New X-Men, and Marvel Star Wars!

Access will be applicable to all tiers, with the following exclusive benefits added to patrons at the $5 tier:
  • Access to Mega-Run Slack channel for book discussion (thanks to Zack at My Marvelous Year for the idea!)
  • A random patron from this tier will be selected every month to discuss the book on the Best Comics Ever podcast with me
  • Priority voting on selecting the club's next read-through
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