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About Tom Dell'Aringa

Hello there! I'm Tom Dell'Aringa, artist, author and storyteller. This is the place where you can help support my storytelling efforts.

Published Works:
  • Marooned - A 280-page graphic novel about a egotistical space captain who must learn that the universe does not revolve around him. Self published in 2012. Currently re-posting at
  • The Tallest Robot - A short story you can read online at
  • Rock & Tin - a 100-page graphic novel about a magical stone creature - a golem - who must defy his original evil purpose and choose to be good. Self published in 2013.
  • The Messenger - In a war-torn landscape, a special messenger risks all to send a very important message. A short story you can online at
  • The Flower, a 48-page comic book without dialog. You can read this online at Self published in 2018
  • Punch and Candy at Midnight, a 5,500 word Christmas-themed short story to benefit the hungry during the holidays. (Published Christmas 2018) 
Current Works:
  • The Genesis Girl - a new graphic novel about a girl who gets infected with a universe destroying element on her way to colonize a new planet. Alone with her robot, Bert and joined by a dimension-hopping wizard, she must complete a quest to learn how to save the universe. (Status: Early release pages for Patrons!  Public posting at Tapas.)
  • Ground Stations (Working Title) - A sci fi/humor full length novel. Completed rough draft, 129,000 words. Reader feedback, editing and polishing are next. 
Becoming a Patron is a wonderful way to help support my continued efforts. Thank you so much for supporting the work. Any support is great encouragement!

How often will I be charged?
You will be charged per comic update. I post on average between 2-4 pages per month. (Right now I'm in a holding pattern with the script. Updates may be less.)

You can always adjust your pledge at any time, and you can set a monthly limit to your pledge.

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