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About Tom Spurgeon

I've been doing The Comics Reporter with my publishing partner Jordan Raphael for ten years now. I do all the writing, reporting and editing; Jordan provides tech support. We update daily. For weeks and months at a time, it's been the best thing in my life not friends or family. If you've been a reader, thank you for giving me something to do every day, and for the gift of your time. If you've been an advertiser, thank you for giving me a life and a profession. I hope all of you will stick around. I need your support more than ever.

I want to do more.

The various comics industries are very different than they were when we started CR in 2004, and vastly different from the days when I helped edit The Comics Journal in the 1990s. There's more good work than ever before AND there is less reward to match the good work being created.

I would like your help in creating coverage of the art form and its various industries that lives up to the astonishing work being made, that never stops fighting for the best art possible and the greatest reward to the people that make it.

It used to be that what we said about comics industry coverage is that it did what it did okay, but what we really need is investigative, long-form journalism. Right now I agree with half of that. I think we still need investigative, long-form journalism, but I'm not sure we do the basics anymore: what's coming out and when, who did what to whom, why it's all important.

I'd like to start from scratch and rebuild what comics industry journalism means, employing some of the same tools I use with the site now and looking into different ways of writing and presenting information. I'd like to step back from the kind of coverage that requires constant attention to a Twitter feed or that you buy something first and instead use gathered, curated presentation of the news -- at first in PDF format -- to start writing a first draft of comics history that includes everything going on in comics, history that won't disappear if you look away from your computer for five minutes. I want to make coverage that everyone can read, as a gateway to everyone reading comics. I want there to be a source of news coverage that's special to comics in the way that art form has a place in our lives.

If you've enjoyed my coverage through the site, that's not stopping. In fact, this should help stabilize it. I've never made a ton of money off of the site, but I know I'm totally lucky to make any money at all. With your support I can make better use of the total amount of money I make, and create something that can perhaps one day go on without me.

The Comics Report #0 will be distributed on August 1, with #1 being distributed on September 1 and subsequent issues every first of the month thereafter. You'll get my best effort to make better coverage every month that follows, and every day in between. I hope you'll consider joining me.

I also promise to never again release a video of myself looking so exhausted and bloated.

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