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Be apart of this mission to collect and transmit the wisdom of our inner nature. I have been profoundly influenced by the transformative power of communication and tapping in to our inner power which culture & civilization denies us. 

We face massive challenges, but I believe we can grow individually/ collectively to survive and thrive on this planet. Nothing in nature grows alone; Join me, and with this connection we will revive a global tribe.

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I am pro nature, not pro business. Sponsorship sounds like something that belongs exclusively to commercial enterprise, but lets renvision it as a nurturing, mutual relationship of investment from life into life.

In which case the only necessary ingredients is thee and me;)

To have YOU, some beautiful human being that i've been lucky enough to connect with, as a sponsor... 

wow, what an honor... Thank you

This means a world more to me than any material or branded support I could ever receive. 

This is a declaration of a supporting relationship which we all need in some way or another. If you choose to join with me in this way,  I can say from the bottom of my heart that we are in this together. 

I won't define exactly what i'm offering up as every relationship is a unique, evolving experience. But I can say that the declaration is mutual: We got each others backs. 

Like the family we truly are



About Communicate Peace

This work is about joining together and discovering ways we can connect more deeply with each other & nature. Empowering lessons for peace, sustainability & lives lived fully.

This is the story of globalizing community. In a time when we clearly need to find each other. Peace among such a diverse species as ourselves needs conscious communication: the conveyance of our thoughts, feelings, and needs from the heart. Tuning into what is alive in each of us moment to moment enriches all our interactions and relationships.

Communicate Peace is a collective vision of meaning service for the enrichment of life. Our capacity to communicate compassionately increases the quality of our connections to the benefit of the culture we are collectively creating.
When we are present, in flow, seated in our direct experience, that is where the magic happens. This constant unfolding in which we can consciously respond rather than habitually react, is what it’s all about ~ Love flowing through us ~ Transforming and reaching our true potential for enormous expression and healing.

If we take seriously our responsibility of choice
Focus and find balance in body and mind
Release ideology that isolate us from nature/ourselves, and return to our core
Then this 'reclaiming' or our minds and our spirit is the process of finding the peace within. From the inside --> out. A recipe for social transformation.


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Play - Understand - Grow
Thank you so much for joining the movement and finding ways to contribute your energy to peace. This efforts brings us together and we, like the rest of nature, don't grow alone.
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This nature of community supported projects finds stability in numbers. Patreon enables us to connect from a distance in a profoundly communal relationship. We have direct access and accountability to each other.
A life of service is lived one positive action at a time.
To communicate peace is to pay it forward.
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