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My name is Nathaniel Webb and I am building Communion: The Church communication platform designed to help bring fellowship, transparency, and community to Evangelical Gospel-centered Churches in light of present day geographical limitations.

In our present day world, we are often very geographically separated from other members of our church body.  Due to this separation, we often lack in extremely valuable communication to other members of our Church body.  When we arrive at Church on Sunday or Wednesday, we are often totally oblivious to the events / needs / etc. that have been occurring in the lives of our other brothers and sisters.  Communion is designed to keep everyone in the loop.  Communion is designed to regain that sense of community that is lost due to geographical limitations by keeping the communication stream open.  We can now encourage, pray for, help out other from afar.  If someone has an immediate prayer need, they can let the church know in an instant and immediately have the whole church praying for them.  That prayer is powerful...

Communion is a safe place where members of an individual church can share needs, news, prayer requests, plan events, and simply communicate information to members of the Church.  Because Communion is contained to a local church scope, it enables members of the Church to grow into a family.

A brief sampling of the features that I desire to bring to Communion are:
  • Church messages and communications to individual church members and groups of members similar to the functionality of most text messaging clients.
  • Churchwide communication boards with the following contexts:
    • Actionable Needs
    • Prayer Requests
    • Churchwide News
    • Gifts / Donations
  • iOS and Android push notifications.
  • Optional Email and SMS (text message) notifications.
  • A church calendar that can be added to by each member of the congregation.
  • And many more...

I have desired to build this application for several years, but have been limited by both funding and time.  The need had not been as pressing on me in the past few years because my home church had a alternative tool that we were using.  While we desired to have many of the features that I anticipate to incorporate into Communion, we were at a place where we could make do.  Given the lack of urgency, funds, and time, my work on Communion progressed slowly.  Since the beginning of January, the previous solution our Church had possessed decided to dissolve.  This prompted me to spend a much greater amount of time creating Communion; desiring first to provide it to my own Church, and from there Churches around the nation.

I have two goals in mind through my development of Communion.  My goal in creating Communion specifically is to provide a communication platform designed to help bring fellowship, transparency, and community to Evangelical Gospel-centered Churches in light of present day geographical limitations.  My goal for working in this manner is not to obtain a great profit, but to be able to create a stable and flexible income for my family in our endeavor to pursue the work of Christ in spreading the Gospel to the nations.

I am asking for the support of individuals who would like to advance these causes.  I have great dreams for this application, and I know that many of my brothers and sisters in the faith do as well; unfortunately, it is very difficult to achieve these dreams when I must maintain another full-time position in addition to work on Communion.  In order to achieve these dreams, I am asking if you would be willing to donate any funds that you deem fitting in order to help the development of Communion.  The more money that comes in, the more time I will be able to devote to development.  I have hopes that I might even be able to bring on others in this goal to create a revolutionary communication platform for the Church.

Once the development of the application has reached an acceptable state, we will begin to try to obtain our income from subscriptions to the application rather than through donations.  However, if the donations are numerous enough, we would love to be able to provide this application free of charge to Churches around the nation.

Please help join me in this mission to bring active community to Churches around the nation.

I am working to find rewards that I can give to those of you who have graciously donated to help.  I thank God for you and your help and am trying to find another good way to give back.  In the mean time, I would like you to know that your rewards will be retroactive.  When I am able to find out what these gifts will be, I will be happy to give them to all of you who donated the reward amount to the cause.  Thank you,
$18 of $1,250 per month
Funded for a full week per month of solid app development.
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