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We are a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist youth-led organizing committee. Marx, Lenin, Mao, Luxemburg, Zapata, Hampton, Guevara, Sankara, Gonzalo, Sison, and other leaders are to be studied but not idolized. Our mission is to support and lead the organization and radicalization of young revolutionaries all over the US. We must support radical voices in town halls, schools, places of worship, on the internet, at dining room tables, and anywhere else they may arise.

We organize together to create the proper scientific conditions for revolution, a socialist revolution that will liberate us from the clutches of capitalism and propel us towards a future where we have a future. We are building towards a resource based, community-owned and worker-managed economy that is unlike the ideas of any individual. We are faced with a unique set of material conditions that no one individual could have correctly predicted and have thus taken from the teachings of many different philosophies to build our plan for the revolution.

Our ability to fully automate menial tasks means that no human should be burdened with being employed in jobs that do not stimulate them. In our future worker-owned resource-based economy, no individual will have to do menial repetitive work that can capably be completed by a machine. Furthermore, because we will be a dictatorship of the proletariat instead of a dictatorship of the bourgeois, we will be responsible for the resources at our disposal and be able to better utilize those resources increasing virtually everyone's living standards. In this new money-less, classless, stateless society people of all sexual orientations, gender expressions, ethnic backgrounds, skin tones, religious beliefs, physical and mental abilities, and any other non-character or action based human expression will be celebrated instead of stepped on. Humans no matter how they're expressed are inherently perfect and can only be made imperfect by their actions. Thus it is incumbent on the whole to look out for each and every one of its members. This is the basis of our vision of communism.
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