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If you feel that this online magazine is valuable and helpful in bringing the community together, then you can make a small monthly donation to support it. 

With your donation we can cover and support more local charity events and volunteer projects that support the community spirit . 

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This is only available for two local businesses to benefit from and create more brand awareness about your business in the local area. 

To help create more awareness about your business, you can have your logo placed on the bottom left or right handside of the front cover.

You can have your business logo placed in a prominent position on the front cover of each issue of the magazine for the next 12 months. 

It can also include your slogan and can be linked directly to your website or social media page. 




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About Community News & Business Valencia

Community News & Business Valencia, is an online magazine that caters for the English speaking expat community in the city of Valencia and the surrounding towns. 

Although this is a free monthly magazine, you can now become a Patron and support us by making a pledge of less than Euro 1 per month. This will help us to expand the reach of magazine in the community, being able to support more volunteer, charity, OAP and Youth groups in 2019. So discover now how you can become a Patron and make a pledge.

First Year Anniversary!
This month (November 2018), I am celebrating the first year anniversary of the magazine! It is a great achievement, one which could not have been achieved without your continued support. 

It is now being read by 14,500 people on average per issue each month! And 80% of the readers come from Valencia and surrounding towns, whilst a further 20% come from USA & Canada, UK and the Netherlands. Valencia is becoming a hotspot for expats in 2018 and this magazine is the only online monthly lifestyle magazine in Valencia serving the expat community. 

Expansion in 2019!
Next year I want to be able to grow the content of the magazine to include:

  • 'Thiz is Your Life' where I interview retired people about their colourful lives
  • 'Next Generation Matters' where I interview young children about how they see the world 
  • 'Community Building Blocks' is a local community initiative and has a global impact   

I also want to be able to travel further afield and interview charity organisations or non-profits companies in the area of Valencia and support them.  

And I also want to be reporting on more local news and what's on events, which will require some assistance as this takes up a lot of time and energy for one person. So I will need to take on a part-time assistant, so I can offer more to the readers of Community News & Business Valencia.

Just $1 per month 
So to help bring more people together in the local community, it is important that I can afford to get out and about and meet more people. I am constantly being asked to and invited to many different volunteer and charity events and projects, but unfortunately the budget on this project is still very low. 

This why I am asking that you can make a pledge of just $1 (87 cents) a month. 

Your financial support will make a huge difference to what I can do on this project. It will go a very long way! And I will keep it transparent and show you how your donation is being spent.

$0 of $500 per month
Once I am earning $500 a  month, I can then start to travel around to about 3 different towns per month to cover volunteer and charity events, project and initiatives.
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