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    I grew up with a disability facing obstacles along the way. Often I faced doubters who didn't thing I was good enough plus having society's image of girls caused me to struggle with my self confidence. I also struggled in school as well. I learned how to persevere through tough obstacles and push on and how to never give up. Over the years I have had an extremely good support system who have helped me learn how to be successful in life. Growing up I did sports until I graduated from High School. I struggled with my self confidence because I had coaches who wouldn't put me in games because they were afraid I was going to get hurt. I wasn't really fit growing up either.

    Despite all of the doubters that I faced over the years despite all of the obstacles I faced I did have people along the way who have believed in me. While I was in college I started doubting the naysayers that I have faced over the years. I started to gain more self confidence and courage but I still struggled but not as much as I used to when I was younger. A couple of years after college I got hurt at a part time job which wasn't a good or safe environment for me which eventually led me needing surgery. During that time I started to realize that I wasn't health and needed to change. So I started running and getting healthier before my wrist surgery and signed up for my first 5k later that year after my surgery. I gained so much more confidence, courage and started believing in myself so much more. I found a sense of peach when I go for a run. I've dropped 13 pants sizes and gained a lot more muscle that I used to have. So far I've run four 5k races and a half marathon. 
    If you put the effort in and are not too afraid to push yourself even just a little that you can do so much more than you ever realized you were capable of doing. Compass Exchange is a safe place for people to discover and grow into what you are truly capable being.

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