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About CompoSe Art Magazine

CompoSeArt Magazine is an art magazine that looks to ask enduring questions and highlight artists’ voices. Through this platform, we hope to make a way for the young, lesser-known or otherwise obscure artists working their way through the competitive art community. The launch of our first issue,  entitled "Artists and 21st Century Censorship," will take place in the Spring of 2019.

While the first edition will explore the concept of censorship, further editions will tackle more of the artistic realm–with ideas such as color theory, self-publishing, graffiti, figure drawing and human form, along with many other possible subjects. CompoSe Art Magazine is inspired by lauded and esteemed publications such as Juxtapoz, Art in America, Thrasher, The Paris Review and Tin House; as well as designers and other industries such as Pentagram and Pantone. Their aesthetic qualities have been visually inviting, industry leading and compositionally appealing.

CompoSe Graphic Design, the production company of the magazine, is not only a group focused on offering clients quality multimedia design and service. We also focus on others in the art community and, in turn, highlighting their work and talents.

We look forward to keeping you updated as the summer months roll around with exclusive interviews with artists, behind the scenes layout notes, and much much more. CompoSe Art Magazine is a magazine for the community to connect, learn, and grow to offer the best possible chance for emerging artists in any field to find their voice and share it with the world.

Join us on our journey to discover more about the arts.
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