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GREETINGS AND SALUTATIONS, and thank you very much for checking out this page!

So, most of you probably have seen my name up there, but in any case, I commonly go by the name Shook (not the LoL player, mind you), and would maybe qualify as a budding artist if you squint hard enough. As you probably already know, this is an unforgiving business to get into, so that's why I dare asking for support.

See, I love drawing, and I like making people happy and/or entertaining them. I wish I could just keep making silly drawings for myself and those around me for free, but alas, money is a necessity in this world. Whether my stuff is worth paying for is not for me to judge, but I do hope that some kind spirit(s) out there would deem it worthy, because I really don't want to resort to cash grabbing, or "selling out" as some people might say.

So what DO patrons get out of this deal? Well, beyond my eternal gratitude (which isn't worth a lot), patrons would get what amounts to a free commission every month, corresponding to their generous donations. At least for now, while there are few enough of you for me to be able to handle it. :v
These commissions, unless you explicitly wish to keep them private for whatever reason (do note: I will not draw risque stuff), will also be available for the public to view, since I'm not too comfortable with the idea of making entirely exclusive content.

The amount of monthly "gifts" is currently very limited since i don't want to risk swamping myself, but the amount may rise when/if i get more confident in my ability to deliver. Of course, you don't HAVE to get one every month, but do note that they don't stack up.
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You get my unconditional love for you as a person. <3

Also, once i get around to it, you get access to progress videos of certain doodles/drawings, in case the above wasn't enough. That's as far as the exclusivity goes, though. :v
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Dinobro also loves you! Platonically, of course, but it still counts!
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HATFISH loves you as well! That's pretty crazy because Hatfish is normally kind of a cold-hearted asshole, but your generosity is so great that even he gets sappy!

He'd hate you for making him sappy if he didn't love you so much. :v
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Get a monthly line drawing!

Do note, though, I am not willing to draw everything ever; for example, i'd rather not draw smut and/or fetishist stuff. If in doubt, ask me. :v

Also secondary note: Limit is there because i don't want to find myself swamped and unable to deliver.
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Get a COLOURED DRAWING instead, if you should want!

Same rules as above, of course. Complex backgrounds only for the extra generous, though. :v
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I will squee happily and thank that someone and everyone else with the fury of a thousand burning suns of passion.
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