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Thank you for your support! You rock! :) Enjoy all my in-progress and completed stories, and as much art, sketching, behind the scenes commentary, high res scans, and anything else I can think to post! And please don't be shy to ask for something you'd like to see here!




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About Razzek

Hello! I'm Razz, a writer, cartoonist, and overall creative who happens to be blind and likes to tell stories. I love to make people happy with the work I do as well as educate them about life as a person who is blind.

Thank you all so much for your support! There really aren't words to describe how much that means to me. Your support of the content I post means the world to me and I will do my best to always deliver new stories and art to everyone for as long as I am able! Thank you, everyone! You guys are truly amazing.

In general, most of what I post here gets seen by the public, but Patrons do get the high res versions of finished works, works in progress, and all the sketches and random stuff I don't post publicly. Think of it as a sort of "behind the scenes" into how and why I make what I do.

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