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I'm pretty sure most of you know me already, but in the offchance that you're just stumbling upon this and wondering what it's all about, well...

Good question.  And one I'd like to answer in more detail.
It's two things right now:  a handmade soap endeavor, and a mash-up of just about everything I love and want to share with you.  The soap endeavor's launching on May 15th, and will update every full moon after that, at conifercrow.com.  I make soap; you can buy that soap.  And it's really awesome soap.

The Genius Loci project is launching later this year (2019), and is a combination of just about all the things I'm interested in:  the sense of place, soapmaking, and creating zines/illustrations.  I'm going to be going to selected locations and recording my experiences in writing and illustration, as well as taking inspiration from those places for the other box contents.

This project will be for subscribers and patrons only, and will consist of a quarterly-ish box with two specially-made soaps (made with a very special, very unique ingredient that'll be revealed when the project launches), a hand-drawn zine about the place being featured in that box, and an occasional bit of extra goodness.  (I have so many plans!

The point is to have an immersive experience in that selected place, through words and scents and images.  To find what's unique about a place, and explore it together.

I'm hoping to learn more about video and/or audio so I can include those, as well.

Genius Loci should be ready for primetime in late summer, 2019, if all goes according to plan.  I would strongly suggest joining a lower tier first, as I'll be announcing when GL is ready to all patrons.  By its very nature, this is super limited in scope, especially at first.  My regular catalog of soaps (and the tiers that are for them) are available right away.

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I'm pretty sure the heavens themselves will have to move for this to happen, but if it does...

B) The genius loci zines will be printed in color, professionally.

(Digital supporters will get the PDF in color, too.)
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