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About CONNECT - song-dance-music

CONNECT-song-dance-music is an umbrella term for several initiatives, all using the alchemy of movement, music and song to enrich, and develop healthy connections in growing children. These modalities are already an integral part of many therapeutic and educational approaches. 
For children, action songs and musical games are bread-and-butter to the growing body and developing neural system. Repetitive chants and clapping games lay down healthy pathways, connecting brain and motor functions, while singing is the most natural way to develop language. Children learn best by patterning and imitation, and this becomes a springboard for further creativity.
Patrons of CONNECT-song-dance-music will be sponsoring twofold:
1. Bi-monthly music classes at less resourced schools in Makhanda, South Africa, enriching the educational experience of many children who otherwise receive no creative arts input in their school curriculum.
2. Publication on the Connect-song-dance-music blog site:
and connected you tube site of original, fresh songs made freely available to teachers and educators to use in school groups and classes. These Stones Hill songs are presented in a clear, fuss-free, easy-to-learn way to make them as accessible as possible. All the songs have been tried and tested in various school groups. 

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1. To produce and publish at least one new song a month 
2. To maintain a regular program of music groups (starting with one a month) in targeted, needy schools in this district 
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