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is creating videos about veganism, health, gardening, and ethics.

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Get access to patron only, monthly Q&A Livestreams.  It's rare that I can focus on the chat questions or discussion when I'm doing a debate or other live event.  This will give you the opportunity to ask me anything and have your question answered.
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You'll have access to the patron only, monthly Q&A Livestreams.  You'll also have the ability to suggest a future topic for me to cover and I will thank you by name at the end of a video.
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Get all the benefits of the lower tiers with the addition of a personal video chat.  We can discuss your views on vegan activism, favorite vegan recipes, questions about gardening, or whatever is on your mind.




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Hi everybody, my name is Pal and I create videos about veganism, gardening, health, ethics and related topics on my Conscientious Omnivore channel.  I've setup this page to ask for your financial support of my activism.  In exchange, I offer you an opportunity to engage with me on a deeper level than that platform allows.

Patrons will receive exclusive access to live streams, Q&A sessions and other perks.  Thank you for all your support!
$9 of $250 per month
When I've reached $250, I'll purchase a clip on microphone with windscreen to provide better sound quality when recording videos in the garden.  I'll also purchase a camera stand to enable more action shots while cooking in the kitchen.
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