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My name is Bill Howard, owner/producer with consciousCRE8IVEmedia. cCm is a fillmmaking and photography company based in eastern North Carolina.

What is my end goal?
cCm is currently filming webisodes for a new channel called Oddities & Attractions. Think of a cross between Ripley's Believe or Not and Atlas Obscura with webisodes featuring such things as the world's largest truck stop as well as the Devil's Tramping Ground. Funding will help in creating the content needed. We will also be filming another unique-to-its-kind regular broadcast of a different genre beginning in summer of 2020 (sorry to be vague on this one, but non-disclosure stuff...)

What will make this channel stand out from any others?
The weird, quirky, mystical and fantastical makes great interesting content. It will be virtually impossible to film absolutely everything that meets these prerequisites. However, many places deserve to have the story told, and we plan on doing just that in an informative and entertaining way.

Why are we seeking funding?
Well, travel and production is expensive. Because we want to establish Oddities & Attractions as a separate channel from our main channel, YouTube monetization is unavailable in the beginning, and just isn't quite enough even after the channel grows content.

How much are you looking for regarding funding?
Any contribution is rewarding and helpful.

With just a commitment of $1 per month, a sum that you will likely never realize on your bill each month, great things can be accomplished. There are other rewards based on how much the commitment is each month, all located on the sidebar if you decide to commit to more. If you cannot commit to funding this project, simply sharing this information through your social media circles with words of encouragement can be just as rewarding in the long run. Either way, I thank you for looking over this project. And I hope you too will plan to visit some of the wonderful sights this world has to offer.

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