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Although I'm not that much into hierarchies, I initially tried to fit what I have to share with each of you into Patreon's "tier box" and offer different "awards" for different levels of participation but as you can see, I failed miserably :)  The problem is, I want everyone who wants full access to my offerings to have it, no matter how much money they can afford to pledge each month.  Thus, we have this one level, for which you can pledge any amount.  I am as grateful for someone's $1.00 pledge as I am for those who can give more.  And, believe me, my gratitude is immense!  

For your monthly pledge of ANY amount you will receive:

  •  Access to exclusive patron-only content
  • Access to e-courses 
  •  Chance(s) to win original paintings by Joy
  •  Opportunities to participate in auctions of original paintings by Joy
  •  25% discount on commissioned paintings
  • Random "give-away" raffles
  •  Access to and ability to “chat” with Joy when she goes “live” using the Patreon App
  •  Access to whole group LIVE EVENTS
  • Participation in group projects
  •  Patron Only Poll Participation
  • Access to occasional "special offering" tiers.
  • The satisfaction of knowing you are supporting Joy in her art and mission to spread the word that LOVE WORKS! 




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UPDATE (11.01.17)
Hello and Warm Hugs Beloved Patrons!
Besides my ordinary, everyday activities of painting and healing work, I AM in the process of Manifesting A Miracle and I'd love for you to join me as I share the process!  In other words...


For me, Joy Ayscue, my Patreon page is my:

  •  gallery
  •  truth
  •  kitchen
  •  accountability
  •  communion
  •  confessional
  •  journal
  •  resistance
  •  safe space
  •  stretch
  •  studio
  •  stage
  •  sanctuary
  •  publishing house
  •  healing room
  •  heart 
  •  proving ground that LOVE WORKS and so much more!

So, who am I? 

I am Joy!  painter, writer, healer, lexophile, teacher, intuitive, student, mother, daughter, empath, sister, wife, friend, world citizen, tantrica, community volunteer, crazy cat lady, dog adorer, traveler, introvert, proud adventuring weirdo, in the process of growing up child of GOD which I know as LOVE and so much more!

...and, why am I here on Patreon?
   So many reasons! 

  • When I found Patreon (or, did it find me?) I had been asking GOD/LOVE/The Universe for a way to give me a way to share myself and my creations with more people but in a more focused, not so scattered way as I had been doing.  For example, on Facebook (which I do love) I feel like I'm throwing crumbs of myself into a vast ocean, hoping that somehow the hungry fishies will come along at just the right time and get some nourishment.  At best, this method has been hit or miss, to say the least.
  • Patreon feels SAFE to me.  Not that I have anything to fear except for in my own mind, but I'll tell you, my mind has a fantastic way of scaring me out of sharing my work, my words, my life, my LIGHT with others.
  • Here, I can offer ALL OF ME.  My paintings, my healing work, my writing, my JOY. 
  • It is my intention to increase the value of all of my paintings through the art of appreciation...mine, as well as yours!
  • I am on a mission to offer proof to the world (or, at least that portion that will listen!) that LOVE WORKS and that it really is true that LOVE IS ALL WE NEED. 
  • It is my intention to use the sacred power of this group energy to uplift each member as we all open ourselves to shining our lights as brilliantly as fulfilling our true potential and in doing so, to illuminate the FACT that HEAVEN IS right HERE on EARTH.

2 of 50 patrons
When my first 50 patrons are gathered here I will live-stream me dancing for JOY!  Because that's exactly what you each will have brought me...overflowing!
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