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About Consolevania

Consolevania is a videogame comedy show from Glasgow, Scotland, and it's the best and longest running videogame comedy show in the world. Reviews, skits, weird storylines, all wrapped up in our influential lo-fi mixtape style - it's no wonder that 8 out of 10 people have called Consolevania "The best and longest running videogame show in the world," like we mentioned earlier.

Episodes of Consolevania are like short films, torn straight from the human heart, and kicked into a computer's face.

Now we have a website too, over at and it's going to be like a website from the old days, when websites existed, and we're going to be completely ad-free, with your help.

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Consolevania is the show that started it all. And it still hasn't stopped.

Consolevania is:
Rab Florence, Ryan Macleod, Gerry McLaughlin and...

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At this total, we will make one additional mini-show every month! We're not sure what it is yet, but the content will be up to YOU, our Patrons! And we will also be able to hire a DEDICATED news person for the Consolevania website!
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