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About Conspiracism

What is Conspiracism?

"Conspiracism" is a new series of videos on conspiracy theory theory, the theory of conspiracy theory. It is presented by Dr. M R. X. Dentith, a philosopher who specialises in the Philosophy of Conspiracy Theory. "Conspiracism" will be both a deep dive into how academics write and treat talk of conspiracy theory, as well as a look at particular conspiracy theories and conspiracy theorists.

How often is Conspiracism?

Ideally I want to be producing two videos a month, but that all depends on my other academic commitments. I'm working on a new book proposal, writing chapters, finishing off research papers and the like. Still, you can expect at least one video per month, if not more.

Who is Conspiracism?

Well, Dr. M R. X. Dentith. But you can call me M or Conspiracism. I'm easy. I'm a Aotearoa New Zealand born philosopher with a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Auckland. I wrote my PhD dissertation, "In defence of conspiracy theories," which was eventually turned into the book "The Philosophy of Conspiracy Theories" (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014). I've authored a lot of papers on conspiracy theory, contributed book chapters, and given keynotes. I may not be the leading light in the field, but I am one of them. Also, I'm a "they/them."

Why is Conspiracism?

Well, two reason. The first is that I've been asked time and time again by colleagues and friends to do something like this. The second is that I've consulted three times now with production houses in LA on proposed conspiracy theory-related TV shows (mostly of the documentary sort), none of which have ever made it on to TV. So, rather than wait for call number four from Hollywood, I thought I'd start this series myself.

Twitter: @conspiracism

Instagram: @drconspiracy

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