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Welcome to SCP: Unity

SCP: Unity a spiritual successor to the indie horror success created by Regalis in 2012. It is based on the collaborative writing experiment The SCP Foundation, and includes many of the artifacts, entities, and events contained on the official wiki.

The game's goal is simple - Survive, if you can.

Project Goals

1) The Premier Single-Player Immersive SCP Experience
SCP is not only horror, but an exploration of the unknown and surreal. We hope to bring you an immersive exploration & survival horror single player game similar to those that we played and loved in the past, such as SCP: Containment Breach, SOMA, Alien Isolation, and others.

2) Spiritual Successor to the Original Containment Breach
This game is not a remake of the original SCP: Containment Breach, although it is the story of a breach event taking place in an all new facility at ARC Site 48. We hope to recapture what was memorable about the original game, and also expand the game tremendously, improving the overall immersion into the SCP Universe.

3) Create a Strong Foundation for Future Content and Modding.
SCP is all about community collaboration.We want to build a strong foundation for future content including new SCPs, locations, and story sections. One of the key goals for this project is to allow the community to expand and grow the game themselves by using a modding system. Our goal is to allow people to add new SCPs, maps, mechanics, and much more in the future.

NOTE: Charge up-front is enabled. This means that you will be charged immediately upon becoming a patron, and then going forward, the 1st of every month. We decided to do this in order to allow you to receive rewards immediately (!) instead of having to wait until you'd been a patron for one month

Where can I go to find out more?

Check out the official website. Feel free to leave comments on our official forums. And of course, make sure to join our discord to check out the community!
I appreciate you taking the time to stop by, and look forward to your support!
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If we reach 5000 a month, we will be able to start working on SCP: Containment breach 20 hours a week (part time job), meaning a lot more content, a lot faster!
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