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About Contori

Hello I am Contori and this is my finished Patreon! My goal and biggest prize is to put smile on people faces watching me doing really dorky stuff and having fun with my friends around! Actually I started streaming some fighting and rpg games back in the day when i started my small unexpected journey. Now I am on point where making what i really started to love helps me pay part of my rent and bills... If someone would tell me I would have chance to achieve even smallest success in social media Aka. Twitter, Twitch... I would probably start laughing, but Yea... There was actually person like that before and I was hardly believing I even can do such a thing.. Now I am here doing what really makes me smile everytime when i see my small group of people in my Discord or Twitch chat.

My story : I have been working around social media for good years already. My first works reaching back 2012-2013 when i notice what power have internet already. Most of my work that I am trying to focus around Virtual Reality game called VRChat. I never thought game can actually have a lovely friends and community . First time I launched game in November 24th 2017..I was really closed person who doesn't talk to many people and I always tried to avoid contact...I actually tried this game to fight my old self and be more social and what happened You can see there...This small game changed my life..Month after playing I got my first VR headset..HTC Vive.. Sadly I broke it not a long time ago and then i was started playing this game back in Desktop mode available for people without headsets. I met so many great people in that time who actually become my family and saved my life from the past me. This month have worst start in my life...I lost job in entire ONE DAY and I had risk of getting kicked from my house.. Not entire week later when i was actually ready to say my last goodbye to my friends and VRC community...Some people actually made Tweet about my situation asking for help and really big content creators shared that and reached to me...Next week I am not scared of lossing everything what I had that time.. People give me more than I was expecting even from myself. I was crying at the night cause I was not able to handle this amount of kindness and generousity... Those all people actually saved my life and I had no idea to give them back.. I started making daily posts on twitter sadly it dint worked out well...I am not a person who easily can write such stuff. I was daily available on discord and some people started mentioning starting doing videos or livestreaming instead of making tweets if this is really not my thing...I was really denying everything from start..Saying it's not gonna work out..I am not able to do that.. Next somehow few people "bothering" me enough get me to make one video what actually reached 100+ views in 2 weeks what is basically impossible for new channel on YouTube...I got really great feedback, but I kinda felt like if there is really some people enjoying my stuff...That I want to have a bit more interaction with them..So in April I made my first Stream on Twitch..i din't worked out well as I tought, but i did not gave up on that and i started streaming every single day and at the other hand i am trying to find a job... Since then number of people watching my streams started slowly growing and my chat stopped being dead .I was really excited to make every stream to be the best as i can, but i was unexperienced at all, so some stuff end up really bad and hilarious.. I got my small group of people what with time become my family and I am very thankful for that...Thanks to streams after some months I got my second VR headset in June 8th 2018. Oculus Rift this time because it's a bit cheaper. I tried streaming my first VR games but sadly my old PC was not able to handle everything as I wanted.. But by making graphics worse as i can I actually tried to have much fun as I can. Time passes I am really happy everything worked out in some way..I am able to enjoy life much as i can thanks to everyone of You!
Well that was my short story about me getting into this community. "I tried to make it short"

I really love VRChat and the community of this game... This is the place what I can call "home" and be proud of that...
Now i am trying to give much as I can to make people laugh and smile as a small mute streamer.

Thank You so much for reading that!

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