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Thank you for checking out my game development!

I'm actually using Ko-fi instead. Please check out if you want to support my development.

I'm a software developer and I love making video games! My dream is to setup and manage my own game company making online games. Follow me for updates as I build and share what I do making mmorpgs and trying to start a business.

I am currently making an MMO! It is an online RPG where you can explore an open world and run the economy.  Fish, gather, craft and fight your way through the world. I am looking at Steam Early Access sometime early next year if the development goals are met.

I have a few games playable right now that can found on my website at

I will be showing my progress here and little tips on how I do and setup things. Some of my posts will be how I use SpatialOS, the networking system I use for my game. I will also be sharing some tips for unity and snippets of code for how I do things.


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