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is creating music, gaming political analysis and commentary, socialism

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If you just wanna toss a little something my way as thanks for what I do, then I seriously appreciate it! Every little bit helps me cover incidental costs while I transition into being a student again.

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You're an absolute cutie and I thank you for every bit of support you give! All this helps cover costs of things like gas money, food, caffiene, train tickets, etc. You rock.  🧡 

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An absolute unit, to be specific. Sincerely, that's what you are. I'm flattered you feel comfortable enough blessing me with this amount of money. It seriously means a lot to me. Thank you.  🧡 




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Hi! I'm Cool Calm Cam, a.k.a. Kamunt! I'm an extremely online Chicagoan who is always doing their best to make ends meet. I'm a currently a returning university student, music producer, vocalist, video game player, and pinko commie bastard. I will be back university again come September 2019, and in my spare time I hope to work at getting back into creative endeavors, producing more beats, giving my recording microphone a workout, and streaming video games and the like now and then. On top of making Nazis and TERFs mad, of course. And live-tweeting presidential debates. 

Until I can land a paid internship in computer science or an adjacent field, money is very tight for me in university, to the point where I am on public aid as of right now. Anything that cuties like you (yes, you!) can spare to help support me would be amazingly appreciated. If you decide to donate to me, whether because you like my content or you just want to share some love, I appreciate the help so very much! All donations help pay for random expenses like food, gas money, train tickets, caffeine, as well as for Midwest Furfest in November/December, something I use to recharge my metaphorical batteries to keep me sane throughout the year. I cannot possibly thank you enough for taking the time to consider me, and I hope that this day finds you well. 🧡

Most of my social media links should be in the upper-left box, but here are some extras!:

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Wow! I can't believe this many people are interested! Hopefully I will be able to adjust my schedule somewhat so I can get more time in for creating content. Be this original music, remixes, streams, videos, or more political ramblings. Thank you so much for the support! 🧡
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