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This is just for those who want to support our ongoing work financially. No pressure or worries.

We all gaze at the stars and dream what could be. Wishing to fly and float freely in space effortlessly as all wonder and time slip by in small little tics and tocs. 




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About Cameron Neal

What do we do with our dreams? Is what we envision truly possible?

Cool Comic Creations is a multimedia arts and entertainment studio that seeks to develop and create new IPs and experiences with an emphasis on wonder and the imagination. 

This studio is a personal passion of mine and I have spent tons and tons of hours developing IPs and Media to make sure that they are able to become massive successes one day! 

I love art, I love entertainment, I love pushing boundaries and making new things. It is my hope that you all can see this love with the work that I do. 
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When I reach 500 Patrons, I'll up the ante on content output for A Horrible Child and start developing some Cool Comic Creations (CCC) swag to give out in random giveaways.
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