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Anyone who pledges $5 will be able to join in on skype conversations for a full 2 hours during a stream. You will also be able to suggest a game for me to play, though I have the final say. If you pledge $5 you will gain what I will consider a 1/2 vote if I am able to set up a fan server. Finally, I will be forever grateful to you kind and wonderful soul
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If you are awesome enough to pledge $10 a month you will be treated to a special stream once per month with only others who have pledged this same about. I will determine the best time for everyone each month. This stream will be during a weekend allowing for a longer stream. The game will be chosen democratically by those involved. In addition to this special stream you will gain one vote towards decisions about the fan server. The awards from the $5 pledge also apply. Finally, I am even more grateful to you amazing and beautiful soul.
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The great and generous souls who donate $25 dollars a month will be treated to a special rank on the fan server. This rank will give certain perks depending on what type of server is set up. These people will also receive the equivalent of 5 votes toward server decisions. You will also be awarded the perks given from the previous brackets. Finally, you have my eternal, unending gratitude toward the wonderously generous patron of the arts that you are.




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Hello all! I am looking for pledges because I can use this money to make my livestreams more structured, I can set myself to a better schedule, I can livestream more often, and I can do more fun things! I stream purely for entertainment, mine and yours, and unfortunately I cannot put any money into it. I am not looking to profit from any of this, at least not for now, I just want to have fun and more importantly make sure you guys are having fun. In short, pledges are very very appreciated, but I will survive if you can't make it happen.
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I will make a dedicated fan server playing whatever we want. Minigames, feed the beast, survival. Anything we choose to play. This server will most likely be limited to around 30 people so some limitations may apply
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